At the end of 2012 the research and advisory bureau Minase introduced the Into D'mentia simulation training into Dutch dementia care. Our innovative simulation training package was enthusiastically received and had a positive effect. In 2013, more than 1,000 people received our training and this number is growing rapidly. Because the reaction to the simulator was also very positive during various international (scientific) conferences, we have decided to make our training package available in other countries. In order to do so, Minase is looking for partners who are intrested in introducing it into their own countries. Learn more.

Are you interested in doing this? If so, you can apply for a licence from us to use the simulator and the training materials. A licence will entitle you to make use of the entire concept of Into D'mentia training and the associated materials for use in a defined geographic area for an agreed period of time. Other uses as well as training are also included under the licence. Furthermore you will have access to all the (English language) specifications necessary to build the simulation in your country and help to get started. If you wish to adapt the scenario used by Into D’mentia to address specific national or cultural aspects we can also help you do this under a separate agreement. We are open to alternative forms of cooperation. We would welcome any suggestions you may have.

If you complete the CONTACT section below, we will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss matters further.